24 July 2024

SOS – The Peoples Movies NEEDS YOU! Help Keep The Blog Alive!

Okay guys you might think this is a joke and probably dont care but the survival of the blog is under threat. Im constantly getting emails of support but when it comes to keeping asking for there help everyone runs a mile and if you do care I do appreciate your support but I need all your help!!!

The Blogs exsistence is under threat as Im really struggling to keep this blog and my other blog alive, Im now second week into my new job which means im away from home from 0800 until 1900hrs monday to Friday  and so no new stuff is posted online until at least 2000 everyday with exception of weekends. im finding it hard to get reviews done as well but theres always someone who says ‘but x movieblog survives why cant you?’ well some of the blogs people have mention to me are either updating the their sites every few days maybe with one or two posts I tend to post everyday, the other is the blogs have more than one person helping them so when one person cant there is always someone else stepping in, so what am i looking for?

As you can gather Im doing about  3 or 4 peoples work everyday on the site, during the day at work I dont have access to internet until I come home at night so Im looking for people to help out post great trailers, featurettes, clips, news stories, articles, etc I want  movie fans who are passionite about there movies and want a platform to express there love for movies spreading the gospel according to Hollywood. One thing I can I can offer also is if you live in or near London or have easy access to London I can offer free movie screeners watch some of the big movies before they hit the screens and in return you post a review of the movie, so are you interested?

Okay drop me an email say you want to help me out what you can do, etc…. Please bare it in mind I am uk based but the offer is opened to movie fans around the world once you get in touch i can go through  some guidelines etc…

email: thepeoplesmovies@gmail.com

Please dont ingnore my crys for help ive taken the site to higher ground over nearly two years of working on my own with no offers of help but plenty of people telling why arent i doing this and that and when I ask please help me they run a mile! As a wise man said you dont appreciate something until its gone, hopefully its not the blog and if it is please dont email me asking whats happened and say ‘you should of ask me to help’ well i did and you ran.

A big big big thank you to all who support the blog, the kind people who have helped me in the past

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