24 July 2024

Power Mad Leaders in Film – Mad Max: Fury Road


Some of the most truly insane leaders have worked their way to the top by being nothing short of power mad and cinema is packed full of these ruthless tyrants, none more than Immortan Joe. To celebrate the glorious release of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD on Blu-Ray? 3D, Blu-Ray, DVD and 4 film anthology from October 5, we’re taking a look some of the best power mad leaders to have hit our screens.

Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York

Situated in the notorious Five Points district in New York, Bill “The Butcher” Cutting is the most powerful leader amongst the gangs running lower Manhattan in Gangs of New York. Played by Oscar winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis, The Butcher is under the belief that America should belong to native born Americans. In a time of the Civil War, riots, corruption, violence and revenge are around every corner under the control of this power mad leader.

Dr Evil

Antagonist and nemesis to Austin Powers, Mike Myers stars in one of his most iconic roles as Dr Evil, deviously hatching schemes to take over the world and become a power mad leader. Alongside his cat and sidekick Mini-Me, a dwarf clone of himself, there is all kinds of crazy behind Dr Evil’s idiotic plots. To assist in him hatching his extravagant plans, there is even a sequence of elaborate hidden lairs from spaceships to the famous Hollywood sign to add to the madness.

Col. Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds

In Nazi-occupied France during World War II, Colonel Hans Lander is both relentless and ruthless as a leader in Inglorious Basterds which saw Christoph Waltz win an Oscar for his performance. Nicknamed The Jew Hunter, Hans Lander is a powerful antagonist taking no prisoners as he hunts down the Jews in France. With outstanding intelligence it didn’t take him long to work his way up the military rankings, or for his new-found control to make him power mad.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld in You Only Live Twice

A supervillain with aspirations of world domination, Blofeld was the evil genius that James Bond found himself up against. The archenemy of the British Secret Service, referred to as the Number one acting as the head of the global criminal organization, he’s a powerfully built master criminal. Devious, with a determination to kill Bond, baddies don’t come much more iconic than this cat stroking bald headed villain.

Scarlet Overkill in Minions

Wife to the greatest supervillain Herb Overkill, Scarlet Overkill, voiced by Sandra Bullock, is both stylish and ambitious in her plot to dominate the world. With a desire to become the world’s first female super-villain, she sets minions out to overthrow Queen Elizabeth’s crown by stealing her precious crown. But it’s not just the crown she’s after; this power-mad leader plans to destroy every single minion on the planet, and is not afraid to use her devious ways to do so.

Francis “Frank” Costello

In the heart of Boston, Jack Nicholson stars as boss of the Irish Mob Frank Costello, in the four times Oscar winning The Departed. Planting protagonist Colin Sulivan as an underground mole within the Massachusetts State Police, being a leader for Frank is reliant on deception and hiding identities to avoid cover being blown. Loyalty is what drives this power mad leader, and when those around him open up to deception it doesn’t take long for every man to be out just for themselves.

Immortan Joe Mad Max

Lord of The Citadel, and leader of fanatical Way Boys, Colonel George Moore, better known as Immortan Joe is the primary antagonist of Mad Max: Fury Road. An older man with a skin disorder and failing health he never lets this stop him in his stride, with cult-like leadership over the Way Boys and mission to reaffirm his dominion over the population. Capturing the hearts of many travelling to The Citadel for a better life, he takes it upon himself to create a ‘breeding program’ offering supplies and leading the way in making his empire a success.

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