14 July 2024

Peter Jackson To Finally Direct THE HOBBIT

There’s one thing many filmmakers who have created a perfect movie in their eyes and talk of an sequel, many believe they should stop at the first hurdle dont ruin the fantastic movie(s) they have created and by creating a new movie may destroy the ‘magic’ of the previous movies. Peter Jackson and Lord of The Rings are one of those relationships, Since the talk of The Hobbit  he has constantly refused to direct but only help in production simply he didnt want to ruin the bond he created with the original movies, which is understandable and when Guilermo Del Toro was onboard  the excitement for this movie just rocketed .

Suddenly rumours filed around that there was trouble in the  The Hobbit camp that things were stable and at this time we knew the movies backer MGM where in financial trouble and bang Del Toro pulled out, the movie was in turmoil. Fromthis point the gossip started that MGM want Peter Jackson to take up realms, as normal he refused but as time went he seem to ponder on the idea of taking the realm but his concerns where can he do the movie with such a busy schedule? But now the news many fans have been waiting for its looks like the deal for Peter Jackson to direct the Hobbit Part 1 and 2 has now been finalised according to  The New York Times !!!!

As one problem gets solved another arises this time with  New Zealand  unions are preventing the movie start shooting so Jackson is looking at possible destinations outside New Zealand which is a shambles as the world of middle earth has been created around the terrain of New Zealand.  If getting this movie rolling means leaving the country the budget would need to be re-written and yet again mor delays which could mean re-testing possible new actors and with movie one due to be released December 2012 release with filming for February time is at  essence.

As for news on MGM’s financial situation  LA Times is reporting the problems have a light at the end of the tunnel with rival company Warner bros agreeing to help out with a loan enough to get you back on your feet, which is great news and hoppefully more projects like The Hobbit & James Bond can start production onece again.

“MGM is expected to talk to potential funding sources, including other studios that could handle foreign distribution on its behalf. As a backup plan, Warner Bros. has agreed to loan MGM the money in exchange for additional rights to the picture beyond the domestic distribution it already controls.”

So despite the finacial woes of MGM it seems the hobbit has taken a giant step to reality and Like preach on if its something you started its you that finishes it!

source Collider

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