19 June 2024

Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN To Get A Television Adaptation

Its a good time to be Neil Gaiman with R.E.D coming to a cinema near you next month, his more famous creation The Sandman could be coming to a small screen near you!According to a Heat Vision report the seminal comic book from DC/Vertigo is once again been attempted to be brought to a screen as a television series by the sister company of D.C Entertainment, Warner Bros Television who are in the process of aquiring the books rights.

This comicbook outside the spidermans, superman’s and Batman’s before they dominated the comic movie genre The Sandman was seen as the comic many wanted to see adapted for the big screen, its a international cult hit some say it has as many fans as the big boys in the comicworld it was the alternative choice to your spandex superheros. I have read a few issues of the comicbook but it was always a story you had to follow from the begining if not you would be lost, so who is the sandman?

The sandman character the main dude is Dream sometimes known as Morpheus, Oneiros, The Shaper, The Shaper of Form, Lord of the Dreaming, The Dream King, Dream-Sneak, Dream Cat, Murphy, Kai’ckul and Lord L’Zoril he is essentiallay personification of dreams. He’s not alone here he has his family , the Endless Destiny, Death, Destruction, Despair, Desire and Delirium and the comics especially had a large following from those who followed the gothic culture with Death been a big iconic goth character like Morpheus. The storys where deep, complexed touching on world cultures and literture and its a tricky prospect for whoever takes this project on  as the fanbase is solid but they can be your worse knightmare if things arent done in the correct way.

Eric Kripke the creator of Supernatural is top of the list to bring this project to reality  though he hasn’t signed any deals he is nervous of the prospect of creating the inspirational comic with the hardcore fanbase waiting to tear him apart if he mucks it up though does have the experience of Supernatural which had a loyal fanbase. What could also be concerning Kripke is that Neil Gaiman isn’t attached to this project possibly down to other commitments

The Sandman the movie has been on movie studios basically since the 1990’s when comicbook movies where limited to the superman christopher reeves movies 20 years before and Roger Avery was the first to be connected with a host of writers but they all disappeared and then more recently James Mangold pitched the idea to HBO with advice from Gaiman but nothing materialised either.

If this project is to ever make a television or cinema screen they must get Gaiman onboard the mind behind the book and the one who truely understands what deal is, if they dont and something gets created it would just simply fall apart. So who could create Sandman? who would you have playing Morpheus and The ENDLESS?  Do the stories actually suit tv or would they suit cinema or they too complexed and should only be created and enjoyed in book form?

love to know your views!


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