23 July 2024

Love Your Cinema? You’ll Want To Check Out ‘THE LAST CINEMA’ Anti Piracy Promo Ad

Piracy is a nasty word all round even nastier when it destroying something we love, Film. downloaded films from internet, cam copies, there all the scourge of film entertainment, okay the financial situation for average householders up and down the country things are getting worse, cinema prices are sky high and the tory government are making sure they drain every last penny from your wages or pensions so people are desperate to still do what they love to do before things got harder. Sadly for film fans these days its mostly from the internet as clamping down on cams in UK cinema making near impossible to record, but as we strive to come up with affordable legal ways for people to enjoy the magic of film. Film Distributors’ Association and the National Film and Television School have launched a project in form of a fantastic tv spot / promo spot highlighting the dangers of continuing to illegally obtain films what will disappear, the cinemas. The promo is called THE LAST CINEMA comes from NFTS student Jae-ha Myung with the brilliant John Hurt narrating the ad delivering a powerful message.

We all fell in love with cinema but sadly they will disappear if we continue to let these pirates succeed.

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