25 July 2024

Listen To Sparks ‘The Final Derriere’ For The Forbidden Room

the-forbidden-room  The Final Derriere   YouTube

Listen To ‘The Final Derriere‘ a song of anguish, bottoms and lobotomies, a song excerpted from the Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson film The Forbidden Room. Ahead of its premier at BFI London Film Festival tonight at the IMAX London we get at exclusive look at the video from Rom Mael and Russel Mail better know as Sparks.

Sparks where commissioned to write a song for a segment of the film that concerns a gentleman (Udo Kier) who is “plagued by bottoms” and seeks out a doctor (André Wilms) to surgically eliminate the desire, a desire fanned by “Master Passion”(Geraldine Chaplin). There is also a special appearance by Charlotte Rampling.

Gleeful, hypnotic and totally deranged, Guy Maddin (My Winnipeg, The Saddest Music in the World) and co-director Evan Johnson’s phantasmagoric opus screens supersize (a world first!) as our Experimenta Special Presentation at BFI IMAX. Opening with an absurd 1960s-era instructional from a pot-bellied letch on how to take a bath; rapidly segueing to a Canadian lumberjack on a mission to rescue a damsel with amnesia being held captive by cave dwelling wolf-men; and at some later point cutting to Udo Kier being lobotomised to curb his penchant for pinching derrieres; this whacked-out medley of weird tableaus travels deep under the ocean, high into the sky and far into the darkest regions of the psyche. The Forbidden Room evolved from the interactive Seances project, with Maddin as the director/medium channeling the spirits of silent films, lost to the archives, through improvised live ‘happenings’. They took place in temporary sets at Montreal’s Phi Center and The Pompidou Centre in Paris, and featured participants such as Geraldine Chaplin, Mathieu Amalric, Charlotte Rampling and Ariane Labed. Taking ‘really hideous, raw video’ and reworking all the palettes and colour-timing on over 4,000 hours of rushes, then experimenting with super-imposition and adding luridly entertaining inter-titles, The Forbidden Room is epic both as a formal filmmaking feat and a deliriously heightened cinephilic pleasure.

From the above description given to us from Soda Pictures on The Forbidden Room, it’s no ordinary film, a Guy Maddin film never is. It’s more a unique experience and having Sparks producing a song for Candian filmmaker is a perfect match there style, philosphy on music os on par with Maddin. We will be reviewing the film and a possible other exclusive too I won’t talk about just yet. Scott at our sister site Cinehouse reviewed the film at its world premier at Sundance earlier this year check out his review.Buy the song from iTunes

The Forbidden Room is set for a December cinematic release in UK.

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