19 July 2024

Like it Or Not: Clash Of The Titans 2 is on the way (with new director)


I have to admit after reading, listening to other peoples/blogs comments on the movie, I never went to see it just simply to preserve the fond memories I had for the original, but with a lacklustre story, not character and very very crap rushed 3D CLash Of The Titans is getting a sequel!

I tried my best to be positive when I promoted the movie but feedback just went from bad to worse to simply embarassing and I made the stance not to see it  and glad I did but the second movie is looking like priority for Warner Bros. Despite the poor movie it did earn Warner nearly $500(£385) million worldwide which isnt too bad for a crappy movie but one thing we do know is that Louis Leterrier wont be asked back to do the sequel.

According to LA Times Director Jonathan Leibesman is top of Warners wanted list, so what did he direct? Leibesmen is responsible for movies such as Darkness Falls, Killing Room, Texas Chainsaw Massacre:The Beginning and is currently working on post roduction on the alien invasion sci-fi flick – Battle of Los Angeles which so far the grapevine is positive things coming from the movie.

The sad thing is the movie will be in 3d again so obiviously the studio has n’t learnt from the shoddy post production disaster, hopefully they have taken on board advice from the master of 3d James Cameron on how & when to create the movie 3-d!!! The talk is also that Warner want the movie to start filming as early as January 2011 maybe the early start is down to Sam Worthington to start work on Avatar 2 at the end of 2011, so avoiding scheduling conflicts.

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2 thoughts on “Like it Or Not: Clash Of The Titans 2 is on the way (with new director)

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