20 June 2024

Las Vegas and the Hollywood Movies

Las Vegas

The lights of Las Vegas attract people from all over the world, it seems at times that the lure of shiny things will always get our attention. The same can be said for Hollywood and films, with many filmmakers using the location for their movies. Furthemore it’s had a huge influence in online gaming, explore online bingo at harrysbingo for an example. Here are a few films that lets you share in the fun of the Las Vegas lifestyle

Con Air

The big finale of Con Air needed something memorable to end things on an explosive high. How about landing the plane carrying the convicts on the Las Vegas strip? Once the plane lands the film makes good use of the locations as the chase continues using a fire engine, the fact that the main objective was all about a bunny made it all the more special.

Ocean’s Eleven

While Ocean’s Thirteen may be a little more spectacular in the use of its Las Vegas locations, the first movie still makes good use of the casinos. While some may be more of a fan of the original featuring The Rat Pack, the more modern Vegas of the Clooney version still had a certain style and charisma that made it feel like an event movie.

Mars Attacks!

How do you get Tom Jones to sing in a movie and it not feel out of place? Take it to Vegas! It is easy to lose count of the number of stars in this movie, and not even the Vegas Strip can outshine them. While the invasion may take centre stage, you can’t beat a little Tom Jones to just make things even better, and where better to find the singer but in Vegas?

The Hangover

While the sequels may not have been as funny as the original, the story of a group of friends losing the groom-to-be on their trip to Vegas created many memorable encounters. With a tiger in the hotel room and Mike Tyson making a guest appearance, this is a Vegas trip they are likely never to forget.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

If you want a true cult classic, you can’t go wrong with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. With Johnny Depp putting on an unforgettable performance as Hunter S. Thompson, director Terry Gilliam puts his unique style on the story that takes us on a trip to the weirder side of Las Vegas.

There are plenty of other movies to feature Las Vegas and its famous hotels and casinos. I’m sure there are many more that you can add to the list, that we may have forgotten. We all have our favourites, and it shows the popularity of Vegas that there is such a wealth of choice for us to choose from.

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