20 July 2024

John Cena vs Samoa Joe Feud Incoming?

Following WWE Super Show-Down, the WWE universe can now look towards the remainder of 2018. Among the shows results: John Cena made a winning return and Samoa Joe was defeated by AJ Styles.

There is not any specific correlation between these two… yet. At this point, it would appear as if Cena is nearing a full-time return. Whereas Joe has seemingly ended his feud with Styles. Therefore with this in mind, this leaves the two with open vacancies for a feud.

John Cena vs Samoa Joe Feud Incoming?

The timing is right

First time feuds are a bit of trend these days, but this is certainly a feud we need to see. The list of superstars for Samoa Joe to face remains a lengthy one, and of course John Cena sits at the very top.

A decade ago both superstars were at the top of their respective companies, but now they are both roaming in the same space. So naturally, it would only be fitting for the two to square off.

Fans could argue that this is a Wrestlemania worthy bout, but there would be nothing wrong with having the two go head to head at WWE Survivor Series, which also carries itself as a marquee WWE PPV as well.

Promos Galore!

Since arriving on the main roster, Samoa Joe has proven himself to be a bit of master on the mic. His promos during his feud with AJ Styles were fantastic, and he truly has a character that needs to be expressed more.

On the other hand, John Cena’s ability on the mic and a promo does not need to be hyped. It truly speaks for itself whenever he grabs a mic.

Promos between these two be awesome to watch, so this is a feud that is a must. There might not be much better than watching these two trades shots at each other.

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