14 July 2024

Film Review – Ultrasound (2021)

A trio of interlocking stories following human existential delusions keep this visually organic science fiction thriller interestingly peculiar, with few cohesive boundaries. Remaining spoiler free let me explain.

Beginning one rainy evening with a seemingly set-up car tyre blow-out, driver Glen (Vincent Kartheiser) returning from a wedding and disorientated after the accident, the lights of a nearby house draw his attention.

The front door opens with unusually happy, Art (Bob Stephenson) reaching out to offer more than just a room for the night for Glen to dry off.

Art, has a young wife Cyndi (Chelsea Lopez) whom is part of an ongoing revelation everything, including identities may not be as they seem.

Although having an affair with a pompous senator, appearing to be pregnant, supposedly to him, Katie (Rainey Qualley) is lonely and confused to his exact intentions.

Defaulting as the pure standout here is enduring Shannon (Breeda Wool).

An assistant to a lab coat wearing, clip board holding dubious psychologist within a facility somehow experimenting on the condition of residents, Glen and Cyndi.

It takes time, but Shannon discovers some unusual therapy practices or is it some kind of weird role-playing deception.

Based on odd comic, Generous Bosom; by Conor Stechschulte, also writing this renamed screenplay, Ultrasound, for debut feature director Rob Schroeder. As captivating as it is strange, please pay attention to detail for piecing this subversive puzzle together.

Spindly synth music by Zak Engel enhances proceedings.

All cast here solidify realism in bizarre circumstances. In particular aforementioned, all statuesque class Breeda Wool. Impossible to ignore, a minor revelation as Shannon, using instinct and Dana Scully X-Files questioning methods leading to discovery of deceit.

I did not want it to end where it did, my only real gripe, still good.


sci-fi, Mystery, Thriller | USA, 2021 | 15 | 20th June 2022 (UK) | Digital HD | Blue Finch Films | Dir.Rob Schroeder | Vincent Kartheiser, Chelsea Lopez, Breeda Wool ,Tunde Adebimpe, Chris Gartin

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