23 July 2024

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 premiere

Fear The Walking Dead London Gale Ann Hurd

On Friday night zombies and members of the press gathered at Millbank tower to see the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2. To present the very first episode was Gale Anne Hurd, one of the executive producers of Fear the Walking Dead, as well as the producer of huge hits such as The Terminator, Aliens and The Incredible Hulk.

This second season is set at sea, as our protagonists try and escape the apocalypse by jetting away on a boat. Gale Anne Hurd explained that part of the reason for this setting is that so many viewers have suggested that surely staying on the ocean would be a possible way to survive, and with this series they are going to prove that nowhere is safe.

The first episode didn’t necessarily show that the sea is the best place to set a zombie apocalypse story; zombies floating past wearing buoyancy aids are not particularly menacing. However a boat is a perfect setting for The Thing like tension – being trapped with a group you don’t necessarily trust with impending doom just around the corner. Hopefully the rest of the season capitalises on the setting without the need to rely on The Floating Dead too often.

The premiere itself was a resounding success, with Hurd handling the Q&A like a pro, managing to tactfully work her away around, what is possibly, the worst question ever asked at an event, “If there was a zombie apocalypse would you be able to make the tough decisions and kill your loved ones?” Rather than stating whether she would be able to shoot one of her children Hurd simply stated she would like to ride away with Daryl Dixon.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 premieres on 11th April at 2am, simultaneously with the US premiere and will be repeated the following night at 9pm.

Harry Davenport

Fear The Walking Dead Poster

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