14 July 2024

Asta La Vista Animation!!! Pacifior Prevent Terminator been Created into Animation by court order

It was only yesterday that news came out that Hannover House and Red Bear Entertainment were planning to make a 3D animation of the Terminator franchise which was to be called Terminator 3000. However it seems the two companys missed some small print, who actually owns the rights?! Pacificor own the rights to the Terminator franchise and according to Deadline New York, Pacificor have issued a a cease and desist order to stop Hannover House and Red Bear actually creating the animation.

Eric Parkinson is the CEO of Hannover House said they made the news public simply due a potiental  partner going public but he did say he was still waiting on word from Pacificor themselves. Mr Parkinson did als say he had “proprietary rights” which gave them rights to create the franchise into animation, the rights he said he had where from the time he was the head of Helmdale who own the home entertainment section of the Terminator rights.

Hannover told Movieweb“The animation rights were excluded when Hemdale sold Terminator to Carolco and when I left Hemdale, part of my settlement was that I got those rights,” then her further said: “However, the way the rest of the contractual rights are written, it would be dangerous for us to do this without Pacificor’s approval. They have certain intellectual rights. The best way to put it is, they can’t make an animated film without me, and we might not be able to make it without them. We are in discussions with WME, and hope we can deal with this expeditiously.”

Parkinson mention the cease and Desist Order and stated that Pacificor would receive a large sum of money if they decided to go ahead with creating the animation and Pacificor are entitled to it.

“We’ve arranged a meeting, we’ll show them our money and if the rational brain prevails, they’ll take the deal. If not, I can’t do it without them. You’ll have a followup next week that we are either holding hands, or not doing the film. At least we now have our meeting. I hope they will can think outside the box, because if we can make a movie that delivers a $20 million to $30 million rights payment, that is an income source they didn’t realize was possible. If not, it was a good idea anyway.”

Whatever you think of the franchise it was classic icon sci fi but obiviously McG’s attempt to continue the franchise has only left the franchise more gualiable to criticism and shouts for the franchise to stop and if thats the case sadly it wont be finishing on a high note but a mediocre one. As for a  animation as a more kid-friendly one it would be a disaster, just look at what they did to Robocop, yes they made a robocop cartoon, I dont think we’ve heard the last of this I ll post updates when they come.


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