15 July 2024

Why AJ Styles VS Brock Lesnar is WWE’s best alternative for Survivor Series

Yesterday it was announced that Jinder Mahal will defend his WWE Champion against AJ Styles, this coming Tuesday on Smackdown Live! While this match is not out of the blue, the timing appears to be very premature. So with this in mind, speculation on a possible title change are growing.

Should AJ Styles win the WWE Champion, then he shall seemingly face Brock Lesnar at WWE Survivor Series; Here is AJ Styles VS Brock Lesnar should happen.

Jinder Mahal VS Brock Lesnar is not & will not be cared about

Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship reign has slowly been drained of its momentum. It is fair to say that Mahal has not had any great matches, as a matter of fact they have been pretty poor. None the less WWE have been intent on pushing Mahal to the moon, despite the WWE universe’s negative reception.

Now add WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar into the mix. Last week on Monday Night RAW, Paul Heyman and Lesnar did not seemed bothered at all by Mahal’s challenge. However despite one believing this is kayfabe, I would not be surprised if Lesnar genuinely did not care for real. For WWE to put Mahal up against Lesnar, simply makes no sense.

Furthermore, what does this bout have to offer in terms of fan fair? This is not a match that fans want to see, nor is it capable of creating a draw, honestly speaking; no one cares or will care for this match.

AJ Styles should be WWE Champion

Initially, I would have been happy waiting for AJ Styles to win the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble, or down the line. However myself along with many other fans, are praying he takes the title off Mahal on Smackdown Live! next week.

Since his arrival to WWE last year, AJ Styles has been the top performer in the company. If there is anyone who can reignite the light within the WWE Championship torch; it would have to be the Phenomenal One.

Ultimately, no one else on Smackdown Live! can carry the brand like AJ Styles, thus it would be the most logical and favorable decision to give the WWE Championship back to Styles, at least until Wrestlemania.




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