Listen To The Chronicle Episode 022 – The Killer & Saltburn

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Saltburn set to premiere at 2023 BFI London Film Festival

The latest episode of The Chronicle is here , the official film Podcast of The Peoples Movies. The latest episode 022 has reviews of The Killer and Saltburn.

Paul Devine and Cloitilde Chinnici back again sharing their review of David Fincher‘s The Killer. The film was first given a limited cinema release at the end of October, this week it premiered on Netflix. Starring Michael Fassbender as our  mysterious assassin, who after a near fateful miss finds himself  going up against his employers. But who is his biggest enemy? Could it be  himself? The film is based is on French graphic novel series The Killer from Alexis Nolent, will it be a film comic book and non comic book fans will enjoy?

The second review is Emerald Fennel‘s Saltburn. The film recently opened the BFI London Film Festival, now ready to make it’s cinematic debut on 17th November. Starring Barry Keoghan as Olivier Quick, a struggling student  at Oxford University who finds himself invited to Saltburn. All thanks to the charming and aristocratic Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi), his eccentric family’s sprawling estate, who promises Oliver   a summer he’ll never to be forget.

For anyone wondering the episodes will be every 2-3 weeks. In between The Chronicle Extra will continue the chat with more reviews, views and quips.

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