The Chronicle Podcast 020 – The Exorcist: Believer, Blackberry, The Creator

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Mstt Johnson's Blackberry recently given UK Premiere at Glasgow Film Festival out soon by Paramount Pictures

The Chronicle, the official Podcast of The Peoples Movies is now here with a new episode. The episode 020 w e have 3 reviews with The Exorcist: Believer, Blackberry and The Creator.

50 years ago  William Friedkin created one of the greatest horrors ever made The Exorcist in 1973.  Nearly 6 years agp in 2018 David Gordon Green directed a new Halloween film set after the events of the original film. This year  he directs The Exorcist: Believer once again seen as a ‘sequel’ to the original film. Leslie Odom Jr stars as a widower who loses his wife 13 years previously and now lives with his daughter Angela. After school she heads into the woods with her friend Katerine and disappears only return 3 days unaware what has happened. Not all is well, have they been possessed by a demon?

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Blackberry is  directed and stars Matt Johnson along with Jay Baruchel , The pair play best friends Mike Lazaridis and Doug Fregin, responsible for the meteoric rise and catastrophic demise of the world’s first smartphone.   The brains behind Research In Motion (RIM) who made it all happen. When cunning businessman Jim Balsillie (Glenn Howerton) steps onboard things are on the up only to spiral downwards.

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The final review is Gareth Edwards sci-fi The Creator. It stars John David Washington as Joshua a battle scarred ex-special forces man with one mission in life, to find ‘The Creator’. The one thing behind all the Artificial Intelligence and a weapon that could end the war for good. Could this thing also be connected to the demise of his wife?

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Apologies for another delay in getting this episode online. Things in the background including work commitments prevented this episode getting out last week and I have combined reviews from last week and this week. We are looking to introduce a co-host very soon and get into a more regular schedule, for now we’ll bring you new episodes, though they might not be weekly. To find out when that happens sign up to our newsletter….

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