Film Review – Donna: Stronger than Pretty (2021)


True story around an extremely serious domestic violence horrors told across three decades with Donna and her children finding a voice to stand up to the abuse after a long journey into darkness.

Beginning atop a mountain of romance when open minded single mum Donna (Kate Amundsen) meets Nick (Anthony Ficco) they instantly connect, basically the perfect couple getting married in quick succession before having a baby.

Such a seemingly nice guy to begin with, big time mummy’s boy Nick starts showing cracks when his shady history catches up, drinking gets heavy and because of falling into debt, deals drugs on the side alongside incidences of cheating.

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Eventually turning into a horrible repulsive lowlife, verbal abuse turns physical causing Donna to retaliate in a testament of strength and protection for her family. Director Jaret Martino saw it all firsthand, being the son of the actual Donna, this riveting story is based around. Must see quietly accomplished independent feature.

Kate Amundsen puts in an astonishing sincere portrayal, changing mannerisms and evolving through various eras to bewildering perfection. During the final credits we see Donna with actress Kate in a sentimental, appreciative discussion. As sister-in-law Sybil, an unassumingly brilliant Catharine Daddario, equally as momentous.

Highly dramatic with touches of lightness in a story to open your eyes to an often-unspoken horrific problem not to be tolerated.


Drama | USA, 2021 | Digital HD | Dir.Jaret Martino | Kate Amundsen, Catherine Daddario,  Anthony Ficco


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