Frightfest Reveal Graham Humphreys’ Awesome Arrow Video Frightfest Artwork

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Next to the big blockbuster films, you know summer is truly here when Frightfest start push there festival of gore. As tradition now the dark heart of cinema reveal the Arrow Video FrightFest artwork from Graham Humphrey.

As ever Graham doesn’t disappoint and the stand-out poster design for 2021, which marks the 13th appearance for his iconic Monster.

Check it out…

We asked Graham to comment on his latest creation and he revealed today: “”We have a happy monster this year. Though how happy a monster should be in a horror film festival raised the question, what would make the monster happy? Last year’s event was not ‘live’. This year, with a return to the social interaction that makes the festival such an important event in the annual calendar, it’s as if we have bypassed 2020 in a time machine, full throttle, into 2021. To celebrate – a bottle of champagne! Although the monster would probably prefer a full-blooded vintage…

As ever we hope to be in attendance with our resident horrorphile, our Horror editor Bradley Hadcroft to review what they will have on offer. Off course the last couple of events have been online but we have hope this year we can be watching the films in a cinema which Frightfest promise. Hopefully we’ll find out soon as we’ll learn what the first batch of films will be when they are revealed next Thursday 8th July!

This year’s annual Bank Holiday event, the UK’s largest celebration of genre cinema, when Arrow Video Frightfest taking place at Cineworld Leicester Square between Thursday 26th August until Monday 30th August.