Film Review – The Silencing (2020)

Living as a recluse deep in the woods of a wildlife sanctuary, a reformed elite hunter is drawn back into a world of anarchy when saving the life of a teenage girl from a serial killer who may also be responsible for his daughters’ disappearance years earlier.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is Rayburn, separated from his wife since falling further into an isolated alcoholic depression after their teenage daughter was snatched on his watch.

Investigations unveil clues towards a much bigger scenario of an individual taking random teenagers on both sides of reservation borders.

Rayburn begins to track a potential suspect through hidden cameras on his property and a parked truck he spots unattended.

Reluctantly the help of new Sheriff Gustafson (Annabelle Wallis) is offered, however things progress beyond comprehension when her wayward younger brother Brooks (Hero Feinnes Tiffin) a known troublemaker, becomes somewhat involved.

Eerie twists and turns ahead I will not spoil here; tensions rise considerable in a final act after a slow burn violent lead up. Glorious cinematography is a component of the plot, displaying a cold, harsh landscape.

Immediately catching my eye as the shining light in horrendous back-to-back disasters, Grimsby (2016) The Mummy (2017) although her role in the Annabelle, horror franchise and hit series Peaky Blinders; fiery Annabelle Wallis displays obvious electric talent.

As conflicted, rookie law enforcer seems held back here, but still displays good chemistry alongside grizzled, self-pitying, Coster-Waldau.

The established Dane is painfully authentic in an emotional role.

Combine energy of Wind River (2017) and horrors of Silence of the Lambs (1990) you have top notch thriller, The Silencing.


Thriller, crime | USA, 2020 | 15 | Digital HD | 26th October 2020 (UK) | Universal Pictures | Dir.Robin Pront | Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Annabelle Wallis, Hero Fiennes Tiffin

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