To The Stars’ Kara Hayward And Liana Liberato On Going Back To The Sixties

Kara Hayward made her screen debut at the age of 12 in Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom.  Liana Liberato has two films coming out in as many weeks. Banana Split is released on 8 June, but first comes To The Stars, where she and Hayward play teenage girls growing up in a small Oklahoma town in the early 60s.

Maggie (Liberato) has arrived from the city, full of confidence and stories about her father’s photography career at Life magazine.  Iris (Hayward) is shy, awkward and tormented at school but, as the two become close friends, they discover the truth about themselves and make life changing decisions.

Director Martha Stephens’ love letter to early 60s American addresses contemporary themes but still tips its hat very much in the direction of The Last Picture Show and the two actresses talk to The People’s Movies Freda Cooper about stepping back in time to re-create the period on screen.

Reflecting on their director’s fascination with the decade and her detailed knowledge, they recall the discomfort of having to wear 60s fashion, how the film was shot simultaneously in both black and white and colour and reveal which versions they prefer.  UK audiences will be able to see the film in colour on digital platforms as of Monday, 1 June.


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To The Stars is released on digital on 1 June 2020.

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