Must See Top Ten Films To Watch At 2019 Glasgow Film Festival

February has arrived and we’re just under three weeks away from the start of 2019 Glasgow Film Festival. Scottish cinephiles will flock the nations largest city for 12 days  of celebration of cinema will host 337 individual screenings, talks and events. Showcasing 7 world premieres, 102 UK premieres and 49 Scottish premieres from 54 countries.

The 15th edition of the festival will deliver a slice of teen angst and coming of age in the 1990s. Mid90s and Beats opening and closing this year’s proceedings 2 films we recommend. Sadly both are now sold out. What can you see?

After the popularity of last year’s Must Ten Films To Watch At The Glasgow Film Festival, we’ve decided to bring it back. This time there will be more than 10, 20 must see films which we’ll bring you in two parts. First Part will be The Peoples Movies top Ten and Part Two will be our Cinehouse Top 10.

2019 we hope to relaunch Cinehouse in some shape or form. We’ve picked Ten more films that reflect the films the site. The post will come later, for now here is ten great films to help chose…

Border (Gräns) | Dir.Ali Abbasi

Probably one of the uniquely bizzare films you’ll see in 2019. Based on a short story from Let The Right One In’s writer Ali Abbasi. The Oscar nominated film might be a weird beast, it has a a lot of imagination. It’s been described as “a blend of social realism and Scandi fantasy” fairytale, folklore meets modern society. Tina (Eva Melander) knows she different , sh also has a gift of smelling evil. She is an customs officer and when she stops Vore (Eero Milonoff), he looks familiar. He has more in common than she thinks.

Playing Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd February | Buy Tickets

Her Smell | Dir.Alex Ross Perry

2019 we will see several films of Female musicians on the verge of something. Alex Ross Perry’s film is one of those films as Elisabeth Moss is dwindling rock star. Set in the 1990s Moss is Courtney Love-esque Punk Rocker, A wife, Mother a talented Riot Grrrl provocateur. On a downward spiral into a hell of drugs, booze and rock ‘n’ roll and blood, sweat, tears riding into botched session, public outcries. Those lucky to have seen this are praising Moss bold, domineering virtuoso performance. All delivered in a John Cassavetes fashion.

Playing Sunday 24th February | Buy Tickets

Vox Lux | Dir. Brady Corbet

If you want a perfect film to watch back to back with Her Smell, Brady Corbet’s (Childhood of a Leader) Vox Lux is that film. Natalie Portman plays a pop sensation who rises to fame after surviving a mass shooting when she was a teen. Now in early thirties, washed up, cocaine snorting, narcissistic star attempting a comeback as tragedy ready to strike again. A provocative, over the top satirical looks at the pressures of 21st century stardom.

Playing Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd March | Buy Tickets

Eighth Grade | Dir. Bo Burnham

Since it’s world premier at 2018 Sundance Film Festival, Bo Burnham’s film has travelled around the festival circuit, garnering superb vibe. We caught it at Sundance London, now nearly ready to be released cinematically it makes one final festival stop. That teen angst we mentioned earlier rises once again as we follow 13-year-old Kayla (Elsie Fisher) as she embarks on her incredible journey towards high school. Crippled by self-loathing and insecurity like any teen finds solace online. Adolescence is a nightmare, now take a trip down memory lane and laugh.

Playing Thursday 28th February & Friday 1st March | Buy Tickets

Werewolf (Wilkolak)| Dir.Adrian Panek

When it comes to the effect of trauma from war its usually from an adult perspective. Adrian Panek’s harrowing film looks at it from a child’s perspective and those horrors humanity unleashes on fellow humans. The children in this film are spared from concentration camp, transported to a barren house in the middle of the forest. There they face a completely different trepidation, a pack of wild dogs. They kids must group together to once again free themselves.

Playing Friday 22 & Saturday 23 February | Buy Tickets

Surprise Film | Dir.???

Like last year and every year we have been at the festival, this is one of her favourites.In the words of the festival themselves it’s as unpredictable as Donald Trump Tweet. No one knows what film it could be. A new release? unexpected preview? Classic or cult hit? The excitement of this much anticipated regular, is buying that ticket, taking the gamble and wait for the curtain to open!

Playing 27th February | Buy Ticket

The Sisters Brothers | Dir.Jacques Audiard

Dheepan/ Rust And Bone French filmmaker Jacques Audiard in his first English Language feature.Sly characters, with wit and humour, described as an ‘revisionist western’. Surprising took so long for this Patrick De Witt novel to be made John C.Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix play the Eli Sisters. Brothers gained a reputation as ruthless killers on a mission to kill a chemist (Riz Ahmed). The pair end up working with the man sent to track them.

Playing Thursday 21st & Saturday 23rd February | Buy Tickets

Thunder Road | Dir.Jim Cummings

Bringing his 2016 Short film to the big screen with an full length adaptation. Jim Cummings writes, directs and stars as cop Jim who is about to speak the eulogy at his mother’s funeral.follow that with her favourite Springsteen song (Thunder Road).Jim is a man on the edge of a major breakdown, he struggles with a flood of raw emotions. Shit hits the fan as all plans go south.

Playing Sunday 24th & Monday 25th February | Buy Tickets

Under The Silver Lake | Dir.David Robert Mitchell

We’ve waiting for a long long time for the much anticipated follow up to It Follows, finally we’ll get it. David Robert Mitchell exchanges psychological horror for Hitchcock and Raymond Chandler, most of Film Noir. The surreal mystery dives into the murky depths of an labyrinth of secrets as Andrew Garfield attempts to find a missing woman (Riley Keogh).Mitchell provides a unique perspective on an old and popular pulpy film genre.

Playing Monday 25th & Thursday 28th February | Buy Tickets

Dragged Across The Concrete | Dir.S Craig Zahler

If your looking for something truly unwavering, gritty and violent S.Craig Zahler is your director. After Bone Tomahawk and Cell Block 99 you know your in for compelling, savage genre bending ride. Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson play suspended cops when their police brutality goes viral forcing the pair to walks the depths of the criminal underworld. They find more than they expected.

Playing Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd February | Buy Tickets

The 2019 Glasgow Film Festival will run from 20th February until 3rd March.

Please note some films may now be sold out, tickets were available at the time of print.