Must See 10 Films To Watch At 2018 Glasgow Film Festival

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The day has finally arrived, The Glasgow Film Festival is here and launches tonight. For the next 2 weeks, Glaswegians and Cinephiles from around the world will enjoy over 180 movies from around the world. They certainly proud of their ‘film for all’ motto.

The 2018 programme launched a few weeks ago and now it’s the almighty task in what to go and see. How much you try, you’ll never see everything so we’ve created this article to help you. Below are 10 of the best ‘Must See Films to watch at 2018 Glasgow Film Festival‘…

Isle Of Dogs |Dir.Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson’s animated canine adventure is the curtain raiser, opening up the festival tonight with the UK Premiere. The film marks the director’s return to stop animation, the first time since The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Set in a Dystopian Japanese future which takes inspiration from the great Akira Kurosawa. When an outbreak of ‘Canine Flu’ exiles all dogs are exiled to Trash Island. A Young boy is helped by a pack of dogs to find his beloved dog. Tickets available for Thursday 22nd February

You Were Never Really Here | Dir.Lynne Ramsay

Lynne Ramsay’s visceral noir-inspired revenge thriller makes one last stop at a festival before it’s cinematic release. What perfect final festival and the director’s home festival! Joaquin Phoenix delivers an intense performance of a man who rescues young girls kidnapped for the sex trade. Some are calling his character the ‘Travis Bickle Of The 21st Century’. Tickets left for 24th February.

Love, Simon | Dir.Greg Berlanti

Everyone deserves a great love story.Greg Berlanti’s is a coming of age film is one of them. Life is hard when it comes to a teen especially in love. Nick Robinson love is complicated as he’s gay and none of his friends and family know. He’s now falling in love with an anonymous classmate that he has met online. It’s an inspirational take on any teen whose growing up and coming out. 3rd and 4th March.

Sweet Country | Dir.Warwick Thornton

The plight of the Australian Aboriginees has been well documented over the years. Warwick Thornton’s Western is another and a fine study of the horrors of colonalism. Set post world war 1 Australia 1929,, Aboriginal stockman must go on the run after defending himself sparking a manhunt. exploitative, beautiful, honestly brutal tail. 26th and 27th February.

A Fantastic Woman | Dir.Sebastián Lelio

Life is complex, so is love. Just ahead of it’s UK cinematic release in March this movie a story of sensitivity, of Marina planning her life. Her life is turned upside down when her lover tragically dies. Marina is a Transgender woman and this movie tackles dealing with the prejudices she faces with her lover’s family. The movie is Chile’s Oscar entry and is blessed with wonderful reviews especially for Trans actress Daniela Vega. 25th and 26th February.

Mary And The Witch’s Flower | Dir.Hiromasa Yonebayashi

When Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli when on hiatus, it left a deep void in the hearts of anime fans worldwide. Since then Studio Ponoc, a studio created by Ghibli Alumni Hiromasa Yonebayashi hopes to fill that gap. This is their first feature to be released here, a movie blessed by the nostalgia of the legendary Studio. Perfect family choice, 24th and 25th

Surprise Film | Dir.?

This may be a strange choice, but it’s one of the first films we go for. No one apart from the programmer of the festival knows what we’ll we see. The speculation of what we may get drives some crazy and the festival love it!Will it be a big blockbuster? A small indie or a festival hit? take a guess or even better take a gamble and buy ticket. Worst you’ll get is a film to watch. 28th February

Pyewacket |Dir.Adam McDonald

You can’t recommend films from Glasgow Film Festival without recommending a few films from Horror Channel Frighfest. The festival within a festival has a few crackers including this supernatural chiller. It terrified Toronto last September and that’s a good cue for us plus it has former The Walking Dead star Laurie Holden in it too. A story of an angst-ridden teen who summons a witch to kill her mother. It’s a slow burner, that’s atmospheric, unnerving, enough said! 3rd March.

Tigers Are Not Afraid | Dir.Issa Lopez

Mexico’s New Wave horror popularity has been rising drastically the past couple of years. Combining horror, tension, social commentary and fans for the sub-genre are in for a treat. A dark fairytale of five kids trying to survive the violence of the drug cartels as well as the ghosts of the drug wars. 3rd March.

The Devil And The Blacksmith | Dir.Paul Urkijo Alijo

Wow, this is a treat to horror and fantasy film fans. A love letter to the genre with Spanish cult director Alex de la Iglesia producing. A Basque fantasy fairytale of a blacksmith who has a terrifying secret, a horrible truth that’s revealed by a little who escapes abuse. Early Guillermo Del Toro, Terry Gilliam inspires this film, a visual delight that must be seen. 3rd March.

The 2018 Glasgow Film Festival will start tonight 21st February until 4th March.

Please note some films may now be sold out, tickets were available at the time of print.

You can read the full line-up at this link.