Watch Clark Zhu’s Moving Pictures 2018 Movie Mashup

Yesterday we received the first movie mashup for 2018. It was only a matter of time before others followed and today, one of our favourite Trailer mashups. Clark Zhu is one best of the best in these promos and now has delivered his annual Moving Pictures 2018 edition.

Clark is an aspiring video editor hoping to carve a career for himself in the movie trailer industry. His site is a wealth of his own short films, man-made Trailers/TV Spots (check out his work here).

His annual movie trailer mashup mixes up with over 200 movies from the year 2018 into a 6-minute montage. He has been working on this project for 5 months and we’re as excited as him to share his pride and joy.

Clark is based in the U.S.A and so when you watch there maybe some film not yet arrived in UK cinemas. Take those clips as a reminder of what great films we have ahead in 2019 as much as what we’ve already seen.

Here’s Clark’s intro over at his Vimeo page
It’s December again, pals. Mashup season has arrived. Dim the light, and cue the music! Don’t forget to comment and share this video. Your feedback means the world to me.”

His mashups have been shared worldwide online including Yahoo, CNN, Entertainment Weekly. So we’re stoked that Clark has asked The Peoples Movies to share his Moving Pictures 2018 video with you our readers.

Want to know the full list of films included in the above video? Head over to Clark’s website for full details.

Love this video? You can watch Moving Pictures 2017 here.

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