Watch Clark Zhu’s Moving Pictures 2017 Movie Mashup

2017 is nearly over, Christmas is knocking on our doors and so is 2018. Whilst we do love to celebrate the festive season, this time of the year is when we like to reflect too.  This time of the year some very talented folks release some great mashups video, like Clark Zhu.

Clark is an aspiring freelance video editor whose goal is pursuing a career in the movie trailer industry. Film is his passion and this morning he sent us his Moving Pictures 2017 edition. Our regular followers know how much we love mashups and Clark’s is one of the best.His annual movie trailer mashup that mixes up with over 230 movies from the year 2017 into an 8-minute montage.

Check it out below…

No stone is left unturned in this video. All genres are covered Biopics, adventures, sci-fi to arthouse, Dramas to horrors. As ever we do know these videos will spark a debate what movies were great, which ones were rubbish and others may be new to you. With Clark based on the West Coast of USA, there will be some movies still to be released here in the UK.

If you want a full breakdown of all the movies seen in Moving Pictures 2017, head over to Clark’s website.

What are your favourites?