Steve Coogan And Paul Rudd Gay Couple In Ideal Home UK Trailer

We live in a society were race, gender or religion shouldn’t be an issue in a modern day, well we should be. This also includes sexuality and in Ideal Home Steve Coogan, Paul Rudd is a Gay Couple but is it stereotypical? or simply a bad upcoming comedy played by two funny heterosexual actors?

We’re supporters of equality and support LGBT community in walks of film. Everyone has a funnybone and take a little stick but has Andrew Flemming took the empathetic route or every stereotypical Gay trope in the playbook?

Coogan plays an extravagant TV Chef Erasmus and long time, partner Paul (Rudd) hard-partying couple ponders if they should give up that life become parents? Signature Entertainment has sent us the UK Trailer, check it out…

Flamboyant TV chef Erasmus Brumble (Coogan) along with his director and long-term partner Paul (Rudd), are happy going through life playing as hard as they work. But suddenly they have to decide whether to grow-up or continue down their well-trodden path, when Erasmus’s estranged grandson, Bill (played by Jack Gore), unexpectedly turns up at their door, after his father is taken away to serve time in prison.

Having another mouth to feed can always come with its strains, but the couple’s fears that they are not yet cut out to be devoted parents become apparent very quickly, with their lavish social lifestyle (and an extensive erotic film collection) getting in the way of their duties as responsible guardians. As unsuited as this small family may initially seem, the loving bond they eventually form is threatened to be broken when Bill’s father warns he’ll take him away upon his release from jail.

The kings of comedy come together for this year’s must-see film hilarity when Ideal Home hits cinemas!

Ideal Home, available in cinemas and on Digital HD from 6th July 2018, courtesy of Signature Entertainment. The film stars Jack Gore.