In Toni Erdmann UK Trailer Fathers Are All The Same Worldwide…Embarrassing!

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It’s been voted BFI’s Sight & Sound Best film of 2016 and several other publications and websites  also agree and today we get a look at movie Toni Erdmann. Where ever in the world you maybe all dads are the same to kids…Embarrassing! In the UK trailer for the Oscar favourite, you don’t have to speak the language to appreciate all Dad jokes are universally awful. But in a funny way, check out the trailer courtesy of Soda Pictures

Written and directed by German filmmaker Maren Ade, TONI ERDMANN stars Sandra Hüller as Ines, a highly-strung career woman whose life takes a turn for the chaotic when her father, Winfried (played by Peter Simonischek), turns up unexpectedly at her place of work in corporate Bucharest.

An eccentric but charismatic divorcee with a penchant for practical jokes, Winfried goes to increasingly implausible extremes to re-enter the life of his estranged daughter. Little does he know, however, that Ines is more than capable of rising to the challenge…

A German comedy, I nearly wet myself laughing, the Gerries have no humour!!!” That was the reaction of my friend who lives in South East London, said to me when I mention Maren Ade‘s movie to him. But his reaction  didn’t surprise me one bit, he still lives in that Sporting World Cup 1966 bubble and if this was a French, Argentian or Scottish movie he would react the same.

Thankfully  here at The Peoples Movies, we love all great movies no matter what country they’re  from, movies have no borders. Since it’s premiere at Cannes earlier this year, the critical appraise for Toni Erdmann has been phenomenal. Whilst many are picking up the humour, there seems to be a bittersweet tale of emotions going on here too. It’s a movie full of  depth and surprises, with 162 minutes running time we do hope so. It seems the movie is not solely based on the father-daughter relationship, but a study of women and their everyday setbacks in the workplace.

Toni Erdmann is set for 3rd February 2017 UK&Irish cinema release,starring Peter Simonischek, Sandra Hüller, Trystan Pütter.