DVD Review – Pride And Prejudices And Zombies

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Pride&Prejudice&Zombies DVDFrom LionsGate UK Home Entertainment comes an interesting re telling of one of the worlds most beloved novels. This twisted re imagining of the classic film/ novel brings a new generation to this classic story. This time though the film take a horrific turn when five sisters, coping with the struggles of growing up in 19th century England also have to protect themselves from a growing population of flesh eating Zombies.

Off the top I completely loved this film. Although I have not yet seen any adaptions of the original film (Pride and Prejudice) I am aware of the story. However as a horror fan I must say this film was wonderful! I am a really big fan of seeing classic stories like this given new life for the enw generation. I personally think this should happen with so many more classic novels as I think there are so many that could be given a horror rebirth.

I think as I have not seen the original film adaptions nor read the book I went into this fresh knowing little. I think that does help, although reading the book is fine before seeing this film.

Going to the film itself I just loved the look of the film and the vintage Victorian feel to it. The costumes were stunning and they realy helped capture the ear well. I thought that the setting, as well played a major part in why I loved the film so much. It made the film seem more like a 1930/40 horror, though in colour. I can not tell you how great I thought the setting looked.

As a massive fan of the live action retelling of Cinderella from 2015, I was so excited to see Lily James in a new (more mature) role. I thought she held her own and, for me she stole the show. She has that sweetness and innocent about her which I am assuming was the reason she grabbed the role of Cinderella. She also had a toughness to her and a real gutsy attitude. I really can not wait to see where she goes from here.

All the other actors were also very good Douglas Booth of course, who has come far in the past few years, with film after film, was great also. Sam Riley and Lena Headey were also great in the film and really show why they are where they are ion there careers.

I think this will be a great watch for anyone who loves the original story and is open to seeing a new, fresh take. Also horror and action fans will go crazy for this adaption. Pretty much anyone looking for a fun, dark and action packed film will really enjoy this film!

Check it out everyone on DVD, BluRay and VoD now! From LionsGate UK.

★★★1/2 | Ross Wilcock

Horror, Action, Romance |UK, 2016 | 15 | Lionsgate Film | 27th June 2016 (UK) | Dir.Burr Steers |Lily James, Sam Riley,Suki Waterhouse,Lena Headey,Matt Smith,Charles Dance,Douglas Booth,Sally Phillips, Jack Huston