Toy Story -20 Years On

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22nd November 1995 animated film changed forever when a little know Pixar animation Toy Story 20 years on we can celebrate that little piece of history. Today we have a fantastic video ‘Pixar 20 years on’ from the ever impressive Kees van Dijkhuizen who delivered a few years back [Films Of…] celebrating the iconic animation studio…

Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr Potato Head and Bo Peep came alive on cinema screens for the first time in Toy Story. It was also the first ever CGI Animated feature film introducing us to Pixar who created a wonderful relationship with the House of Mouse Disney Animations studios. 2 more sequels came our way and when we believed a few years ago when part 3 was released Andy grown up, off to college end of life for Woody and Co. Many fans couldn’t accept this and in true hollywood tradition 2014 it was announced Toy Story 4 is coming, but what that story will about we don’t know yet.

Toy Story is the quaintessential Standards we expect for a Pixar Studio film, a film that could easily challenge live action features not just at the box office but in awards.  3 Oscar Nominations and nearly $400million box office at the time an massive success, since the 3 films the likes of Monster Inc., A Bugs Life, Wall:E, Finding Nemo, Inside Out, Up and host of wonderul Shorts.

Do you know Steve Jobs was involved in the $26million deal that saw Disney involved buying into Pixar? Do you know depsite our love for the original story, things where alot different. Tom Hanks called Woody a ‘Jerk’ as he was first a creepy, sinister ventriloquist dummy, Buzz Lightyear was also called Tinny? It makes you wonder if those little changes where not made or gained the same success would be talking about Pixar in the same Awe today?

In an extra video Toy Story writer and director Andrew Stanton’s TED Talk on how to tell a great story, and Michael Giacchino’s award-winning music from “Up”.

source: Kees van Dijkhuizen