The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Trailer Review

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The first seconds of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty trailer bring you into the life of Walter Mitty. Well, you’d probably ask who would that guy be? He’s just a common man, essentially nobody, a man from the crowd out there, ruled by routine, and in the end like many of us… However, as the movie goes on, he seems to be rather different actually, for instance hesitating whether to send a wink, or not, to the pretty co-worker he likes… Come, on – “this guy hasn’t been anywhere noteworthy or mentionable or done anything noteworthy or mentionable”, you would probably think looking at him.

Yet, just in a few seconds he jumps out of the window like a Superman, saving a tiny dog from an exploding building. Imagination?! Yes, this is the power that fills us up with all the emotions and experience that we usually miss in our regular day by day lives… Imagination in just no time can turn a common person into a superhero. Or, maybe, this movie is about a man who often finds himself daydreaming? In fact, no, it’s not that simple! The trailer brings you into a world full of action, passion, romance and extraordinary adventures.

You see the same Walter Mitty, a timid Life magazine worker, a day-dreamer who was often escaping into his own world of awesome fantasies, but, then, jumping into a moving helicopter, in the real world, or finding himself in the middle of the ocean full of sharks, climbing a gigantic glacier and even lost somewhere in the Himalayas. Yep, this is all there! Our daydreamer has left for a worldwide journey to find the missing all-important picture for the final issue of the magazine. He experiences amazing challenges exceeding anything he could have thought of. So, be ready to take on the trailer’s message “Life is about courage and going into the unknown”, but also “Stop dreaming, start living!”

One more zest of the trailer, produced by 20th Century Fox, are its soundtracks – the beautiful melancholic track Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men, and the powerful song Step Out, composed by movie’s composers Theodore Shapiro and Craig Wedren, and performed by Jose Gonzalez.

This movie is the second adaptation of a short story under the same title written by James Thurber back in 1939. The first version of the movie appeared in 1947.

It is also interesting to mention that, according to several dictionaries, the main character’s name, Walter Mitty, is now generally used in the English language referring to an ineffective dreamer often indulging in fantastic daydreams of one’s own triumphs.

The world premiere of the movie is expected this Christmas – on December 25, 2013.

Kira Browdy