A-Ha! The Alan Partridge Movie Gets First Trailer..Alpha Papa

The Alan Partridge Movie

Whilst Hollywood attempts to bring it’s popuar tv shows to the big screen (Arrested Development, Veronica Mars) This August in UK we will see one of our own treasures return, A-Ha! The Alan Partridge Movie and Norwich’s finest has a trailer!

It’s been a longtime coming but you can’t argue it’s Steve Coogan‘s funniest creation though we do like Manchester’s finest import Paul Calf who would probably say our comment on Alan Partridge was a ‘Bag o’ Shite’! Alan Partridge you could say has done it all an egotistic TV Presenter, writer (a book that was pulped), responsible for killing a celebrity guest but now he’s back at where it all started as Radio show host!

So what’s the film going to be called? As you’ll see in the trailer there’s been great debate on exactly what name and though things don’t look completely conclusive was sort of think Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa?!  There’s not to see here apart from classic Partridge dialogue nor storyline apart from him trying to salvage  his public career while negotiating a potentially violent turn of events at North Norfolk Digital Radio. AP is at his lowest and it makes you wonder, is Alpha Papa code for police as the station finds themselves in a hostage situation? Who knows all revealed this summer!

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa will storm into UK&Irish cinemas on 16th August with Colm Meaney, Sean Pertwee, Anna Maxwell Martin and Nigel Lindsay also co-starring.