Top 5 Best/Worst Films of 2012 Cleaver Patterson


Well Christmas has gone for another year a new year is just days away and it’s this time of the year movie websites, blogs and magazines like to reflect on what has passed as well as what is coming. The next week possibly more writers from The People’s Movies and Cinehouse will be sharing their best and worst films of 2012. Tonight it’s the turn of Cleaver Patterson to share hisTop 5 Best/Worst Films of 2012, Ok you might not agree but everyone is different and see each film differently, if you really have an opinion share your top 5 or top 10 and we’ll post it here at The People’s Movies, Thanks Cleaver for your lists!


1) Diana Vreeland:  The Eye Must Travel (dir. Lisa Immordino Vreeland, co-dir. Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt & Frédéric Tcheng, USA)

I love anything to do with behind the scenes of the fashion industry and particularly fashion magazines.  Vreeland was the Queen of editors and this film was the perfect chronicle of her career.  Wonderful. Read Cleaver’s Review

2)  Skyfall (dir. Sam Mendes, UK, USA)

Bond was back and better than ever.  A perfect film to mark his 50th anniversary, even if it did have the wooden Mr Craig in the title role again.
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3)  The Cabin in the Woods (dir. Drew Goddard, USA)

The perfect homage to every horror film you’ve ever seen, all done with its tongue planted firmly in its cheek.
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  • Queen of Versailles (dir. Lauren Greenfield, USA, Netherlands, UK, Denmark)

A timely look at the desperate mess too much money and no taste can cause.   Would have been hilarious if it hadn’t been so sad.
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5) The Monk (dir. Dominik Moll, Spain, France)

Beautifully rendered and unsettling, subtle horror.  Also got me my first ever poster quote so I guess I’m a little bit biased.
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1) Inbred (dir. Alex Chandon, UK)

This film is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with horror cinema and of why the genre so often gets bad press.

2) Sightseers (dir. Ben Wheatley, UK)

Simply because I was expecting so much more considering all the hype surrounding it.  A real disappointment. Cleaver’s Review (cinehouse)

3) The Divide (dir. Xavier Gens, USA)

Another disappointment.  A strange mishmash of lots of things leaving the viewer with the feeling that it would be better to go out with the nuclear ‘BANG’ than be left behind.

4) Edge (dir. Carol Morley, UK)

A dreary and grey film about dreary and grey people.  If you weren’t feeling down before watching it you certainly would be afterwards.

5) The Dark Knight Rises (dir. Christopher Nolan, USA)

Ok, so this film may not be the worst thing to appear this year but it certainly didn’t deserve all the praise it got.  It was too long, too noisy and generally just, TOO MUCH!cleaver’s review

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