June 10, 2023

Film Review: Act Of Valour (2012)


There’s nothing wrong with been patriotic and of where you’re from, it’s only when the intensity and level you take your patriotism to is when it can become questionable. Taking a step too far in the name of patriotism could be construed as sinister sometimes could be offensive Americans (and British with the union)regularly like to let the world know how much they truly love the stars and stripes. The film is one of those perfect platforms to showcase that patriotism with war films especially, Act Of Valour is that latest film to show off its allegiance to the flag, but is Act Of Valour simply an extended paid advert for American Army or simply more trashy American military propaganda?

Starring ‘active duty’ Navy Seals, Act Of Valour takes you deep into the secretive elite, highly trained and deadly group of warriors in modern combat. Based on ‘Real events’ the film combines fast paced combat action sequences, up to date battlefield technology with heart pumping emotion and action. When a CIA operative is kidnapped, a Navy Seals team is sent out to rescue the agent and they uncover a deadly terrorist plot to destroy America. A team of seals is dispatched to hunt down and capture the terrorist before thousands of lives are Killed, they must keep a balance between commitment to the country, their families waiting for them at home.

As I said earlier is Act Of Valour nothing more than a extended paid advert for the American army or just more trashy American military propaganda, the answer is actually both. When you promote a film that has ‘real active duty’ Navy Seals plus a film that’s funded/endorsed by The American Government you are already limiting the film’s audience before you see a minute of the film as well opening the film to damning criticism and rightly so.

With this type of film this is just a recruitment push by Uncle Sam, so all it was missing was that ‘Army Wants You’ posters or some Army bigwig telling you your future lies in the army (with Status Quo’s Your In The Army Now playing in the background). It was a bold move to use so called ‘real Seals’ but also a risky one as these soldiers are not actors and their stage is on the battlefield or in some top secret rescue mission. Not even having a known name in the cast was a bad move, looking at the films IMDB page those ‘non seals’ were either minor actors who played extra/minor roles in some medium sized films for the screen, so how can made for tv films or direct to DVD films do better? simple they have known names which help attract people to check the film out, watching a newly painted wall dry has more attraction than Act Of Valour making it more appealing to press the eject button on your remote control.

Despite a few decent P.O.V shots, Act Of Valour is neither engaging nor even interesting. The action may be well staged and core graphed but its simply dull like watching a bad reconstruction from Crimewatch or one those staged shows seen at American theme parks with stunt people shooting at people and falling off roofs. Uncle Sam has been feeling bad as its status worldwide has been getting lower post Cold War and has been trying for years to prove to the world it’s still the same super power, Act Of Valour is not the answer. If your really looking to remind the world of your power just look to the East at countries like Iran, North Korea even China and old foes Russia at the year processions of armies and deadly weapons and that will put the fear in anyone proving your capability. How Ironic the bad guys in this film are Colombian & Mexican drug lords, Islamic jihadi’s, Filipino rebels all brought together by a Jewish Ukrainian! Brothers In Arms, I think not! I don’t know many  Islamic terrorists who would with someone they would label a Zionist enemy?

Act Of Valour feels like one of “this reminds me of the time…” Peter Griffin jokes from the family guy though most of them are funny but this film is simply dreadful, avoid like the plague or stick to Call of Duty video game.

Action, Drama | USA, 2012 | 15 | 16th July 2012 (UK) | eOne UK |Dir:Mike McCoy, Scott Waugh |Jason Cottle, Roselyn Sanchez, Nicko Sabado

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