We Have Urgent News, 2 New Teaser Trailers For ANCHORMAN 2!

2013 the legend will continue what legend? The legend of Roy Burgundy aka Anchorman 2:The Legend continues is finally coming. Amazingly No filming has even started or even a script or cast finalized but a trailer was to play in the previews for The Dictator unfortunately that was only Stateside but don’t despair that trailer has arrived online but now we have 2 trailers!!!

Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) and the channel 4 news team as the team get ready for the onset of 24 hour news channel though that story hasn’t been confirmed or even denied. The trailer is simple with Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell and David Koechner all in character been Ron Burgundy, Champ Kind, Brian Fontana, and Brick Tamland once more. All providing some goofball crazy one liners with the best coming from Brick (Carrell) essentially this is an official reminder these guys are coming back so this is like introductory teaser. The second teaser comes from Funny Or Die which has completely different dialogue but still full of those idioms you would expect from this team!

Not much to say about the film apart from roll on 2013!

ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND CONTINUES – International Teaser Trailer Published via LongTail.tv

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