Rodrigo Cortes RED LIGHTS UK Trailer

Remember that film which had Ryan Reynolds locked up in a coffin which had us all intrigued and gasping for breath when we left the cinema? Rodrigo Cortes Buried certainly surprised us all with the film’s intensity of one man kidnapped and left to die in a coffin somewhere in Iraq, after that film we really heard nothing from that film director until recently when a Spanish version of the trailer your about to watch appeared online. Fear not thanks to the good folks over at Empire has eased the pain of seeking out your Spanish phrase books by showing the world the UK Trailer of RED LIGHTS.

Just when you thought it was safe to think Derek Accorah and his infamous ‘Mary Loves Dick’ message from the dead, that’s Dick as in Dick Turpin step forward Robert De Niro controversial psychic Simon Silver who steps out of retirement irate thanks to a recent paranormal investigation. The investigators are played by Sigourney Weaver, Cillian Murphy who through the investigation find themselves in a dangerous predicament. The film played at this years Sundance film festival it did leave with positive feedback however some critics found the ending a big problem however it does seem for the UK version the ending may have changed now, what the issue was we don’t know. Put aside what happened there the UK version does give a good account of the film an the alleged paranormal side of the film, it may not be Buried but it looks not far off a intense possibly psychological thriller, we should check out this summer.

Elizabeth Olsen, Toby Jones also star with Red Lights heading to the UK&Ireland June 22nd with USA .

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