“Potato!” Keith Lemon: The Film Gets It’s First Trailer (and Kelly Brook)…It’s Bang Tidy

“Potato!”  Keith Lemon: The Film Gets It’s First Trailer (and Kelly Brook)…It’s Bang Tidy

”I think you could win an Oscar. So what do you say?” – You could say it’s one possible chat up line for any potential young ladies in your life but in the case of Kelly Brook, it’s going to get you into the film for Celebrity Juice and International Ladies Man Keith Lemon’s Film. Yes ladies and Gentleman Lionsgate have unleashed the first trailer for Keith Lemon:The Film and its Bang Tidy!!!

When we learned back in December that Keith Lemon aka Leigh Francis¬† was to get his own film it was just a ridiculous idea but more you think about it, it’s a little surprising it’s taken so long! He might not look film material however with celebrity Juice virtually a cult tv show and with it on a all time high what better time to take advantage .The new trailer stands it just under 1 minute long and you can watch Keith getting ‘fresh’ with sexy model come actress Kelly Brook, promising that if she stars in his film she could win the Oscar! It’s a naughty but typical Lemon humour and Kelly’s response is a cracker though very rude so maybe I wouldn’t watch this at work!It’s Bang Tidy!

KEITH LEMON THE FILM is a comedy about Keith following his dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur, just like his hero Richard Branson. He comes to London from Leeds, becomes an overnight billionaire then an over day failure before finding the road to redemption.

Film also stars David Hasselhoff, Tinchy Stryder,Laura Aikman, Kevin Bishop and Verne Troyer with the film getting fresh in UK&Ireland August 24th!

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