14 July 2024

UPDATE: 22nd June

The IN CINEMAS NOW has been updated, a new Inglorious Basterds trailer has been posted along with a posting on supporting your local small cinema. Ive cleaned up and sorted the widgets section and you can now follow the blog at Twitter, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Delicious, DIGG IT and Blogged.com, not forgetting to subscribe to the RSS reader or email follow the updates on the blog. I am still working on the RATE MY CINEMA and the Blogs website but hopefully have something very shortly. Also let you know from July 7th until 22nd I will be on holiday in China visiting my girlfriend so there wont be any updates, so please forgive me up front if i take a few weeks to post your reviews/posts.

I am still looking for many contributions, so please get involved, post a film/cinema related topic, do a review, a quiz anything, everything is appreciated. But lastely a big thank you to all who are visiting my blog, since I restarted the blog mid May there was only 75 people who have visited now its nearly 600!!!, so a big thank you everyone and please keeping spreading the blog’s existence.

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