14 July 2024

Sad News Perfect Blue/Paprika Director SATOSHI KON Dies Aged 47

News filtered through late last night that one of Animation & Japanese animation’s great filmmakers has died, Satoshi Kon director of Paprika and creator of Paranoia Agent at the age of 47.

The news filtered through twitter on Madhouse Anime Studio’s Twitter page that the Kon-san had passed away. Madhouse studios where in the forefront of distributing Kon’s work which also included Tokyo Godfathers, Millenium Actress and Perfect Blue all movies of the highest distinction and respected worldwide.

Satoshi Kon’s careerstarted first as a comicbook artist for Japanese Manga YOUNG Magazine before making his screenwriting debut for the Animated anthology Memories in a story called MAGNETIC ROSE an animation which included work from the animation master Katshiuro Otomo (Akira) who was a big inspiration to to Kon and gave him his first breaking working on various project including  Roujin Z.

If anyone who said Animation and Movies are not in the same league think again, Kon work followed lifes tribulations, emotions,provoking peoples minds psychologically virtually every animation he created or was involved would transide into live action version easily simply because the characters he created where very human. His inspiration inspiration was seen worldwide not just in animation but in hollywood with Cristopher Nolan’s work been inspired greatly by Kon especially on Inception with Kon’s Paprika movie (check out the Inception/Paprika mashup trailer below).

Its beleived Satoshi Kon died of cancer weeks after his 47th birthday and we shouldn’t remember how the director died but remember him for his great legacy of films he has left us, celebrate his work. Its sad we may never see the light of his upcoming 2011 movie The Dream Machine possibly in memory of his work to the animation world. Rest in In Piece Satoshi Kon-San.

here’s a little retrospective trailer look at some of the movies Kon createed or was involved in:

[viddler id=e2114996&w=600&h=380]

[viddler id=37a0c342&w=600&h=492]

[viddler id=32021490&w=600&h=503]

[viddler id=a1421711&w=600&h=492]

[viddler id=df33dd5e&w=600&h=492]

[viddler id=1532dbc9&w=600&h=492]

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