Join Us! News, Anime, Streaming Writers And Editors

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We are looking for News, Streaming and Anime witers at The Peoples Movies, join us!?

The Peoples Movies is still looking for writers  and possibly editors, Join Us!?

We are looking for talented, passionate individuals to join our small team and have several positions we hope you will be interested in.  You will have passion and enthusiasm for the areas you want to write about. You should be creative, bursting with ideas, reliable, able to meet deadlines, and deliver what you promise. Additionally, you should have a good level of spelling and grammar. If you have experience using WordPress, great! If not, not a problem.

The Peoples Movies will be 15 years old old later  this month. We would love to give you an opportunity to write, hopefully thrive. As your main platform to write or simply another place to showcase your talents and if you are looking to step up the ladder we will do our best to help you rise.

What positions are we looking for to fill? Anime writers, you’ll write, hopefully review about all things Anime, even manga and the culture that comes with it.  Streaming Writers is a chance to write, review the original movies and shows on the streaming channels. Channels like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Paramount+, Lionsgate+, Sky, MUBI, Shudder, Arrow Video to name a few. News writers you will be covering the latest news not just from the news sent to The Peoples Movies but also sourcing around the internet. Next to the news stories you will post the latest trailers, maybe create your own articles, features, etc…

All the aforementioned positions we are looking at also editorial positions. To be considered editorial  and wordpress experience is essential. Please beware The Peoples Movies is an UK based site, feel free however to apply if you live outside UK. To apply please fill in the form below and good luck! Join Us!