Film Review – The Breach (2022)

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The Breach will be released on Digital from 10th July
Enthralling when you least expect it, daring and unusual cross pollinated mystery thriller with body horror extremities whilst a couple reunite their love in the middle of it all. And if that wasn’t interesting enough for this punching well above its weight creepy indie, serving as an executive producer is iconic Guns ‘n’ Roses guitar maestro Slash, whom also composed the score.

Small town Sheriff Hawkins (Allan Hawco) is on his final days to leave the authority position in the forest surrounds of Lone Crow, moving onto bigger and better opportunities until a canoe drifts onto shore containing someone or something.

This incident sets off a ‘sort of’ missing person alert that escalates into a search involving the grizzly sheriff with assistance from skilled researcher that happens to be his ex, Meg (Emily Alatalo) and colleague Jacob (Wesley French) reluctantly along for the ride.

Drawing on your emotions as the characters embark on varied brutal discoveries and isolation when forced to stay the night in a old rickety house in the woods that is discovered to have a secret laboratory underneath.

During a purposely moderated paced build up, things strike quick when unpredictable situations confront the trio, plus a fourth visitor originally presumed dead. It’s all happening in The Breach!

Hawco and Alatalo are feverish leads with chemistry, getting back together through survival and realising they were meant for each other amongst the redefying carnage at hand. Also of note is Mary Antoni as Deputy Connie Parks. I believe she will rise in the acting ranks fast after this enigmatic performance, Mary is strikingly funny, brash and somewhat resourceful whilst always dependable to her boss.

As a self confessed movie fanatic, in particular the classics and genuine masterpieces, guitar god Slash, has been keen to be involved in films for a long time. He has produced a solid indie in collaboration with a fine director Rodrigo Gudino whilst creating a eerie, tingly score suited to the totally satisfying, wild high horror concepts The Breach, brings forth.


Horror, Mystery | USA, 2022 | 15 | Digital | Lightbulb Film Distribution | Dir.Rodrigo Gudino | Allan Hawco, Emily Alatalo, Natalie Brown, Mary Antonini, Wesley French

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