Film Review – Castle Falls (2021)

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Staggeringly suspenseful old-school action thriller starring martial arts maestro Scott Adkins, alongside icon of the genre, Dolph Lundgren, who also directs.

Former champion MMA fighter, Mike Wade (Adkins) is down on his luck but enthusiastically looking to get back in the game with only a reoccurring shoulder injury as his nemesis.

Sent out to look for a job, he ends up at an abandoned hospital site being prepared for complete knockdown, Mike becomes a demolition man.

On dangerous ground, Mike makes a friend George (Vas Snachez) who together make the best of their rough job preparing the building for kaboom.

Dolph as an officer of rank at the local prison Richard Ericson, who is subjected to an offer by an inmate regarding hidden loot inside the soon to be destroyed hospital.

This proposition has come at an appropriate time whilst low in funds, as his daughter Emily, is in need of urgent chemotherapy.

During routine sledgehammering, Mike discovers the money within a wall. Meanwhile, a rival gang, related to a nasty king pin prisoner on the inside move in to claim the money, as well as Richard deciding to risk his reputation, to also find the money.

It’s a three-way cash heist on a time limit before the building becomes rubble Infront of an audience including the local mayor. It’s all happening, hectic, fun entertainment. Adkins is a likable everyday bloke with a solid fighting gift, impressive actor too as seen in Hard Target 2 (2016) Triple Threat (2019) amongst others. The pride of Stockholm, Dolph directs and acts with usual poise, a legend. His stunning daughter Ida, plays Richard’s daughter here, she also appeared in the brilliant Command Performance, also directed by dad.


Action, Thriller | USA, 2021 | 15 | Digital HD (20th December 2021), Blu-ray/DVD (10th January 2022) | Dir.Dolph Lundgren | Scott Adkins, Dolph Lundgren, Dave Halls, Kim DeLonghi, Kevin Wayne, Ida Lundgren

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