Netflix Review – The Wrong Missy (2020)

Before, Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, the questionable Joe Dirt, or hugely underrated Lost & Found, from one of the greatest years of movies 1999, i guess the first time i remember David Spade was in PCU, followed immediately by one of my all time favourites, Reality Bites. Both kinda small roles but determined my perception of this irritating actor on face value for many years to come in an array of annoyingly innate characters he played to perfection.

Going into this Netflix movie i expected little, however The Wrong Missy, while no classic, it’s actually heartfelt, momentarily hilarious and well acted, for aromatic farce.

Set for an exciting blind date, businessman Tim (Spade) is keen to meet Missy (Lauren Lapkus) but everything that could go wrong with this unique obnoxiously loud girl does go wrong. Tim escapes, hoping to never see her again.
Three months later preparing for an upcoming Hawaiian work trip in hope of promotion, Tim meets the girl of his dreams, also named Missy (Melissa) before promptly inviting her on the getaway. Or so he thinks.

Sadly for Tim he’s messaged the date from hell Missy and upon turning up at the tropical resort, her outrageous personality is felt by all.

In between the madness including a shark attack brought on by hurling into the ocean (it’s that kind of film) but like any good rom-com you are given alternate reasoning for certain characters, so we also get to know another, sweet, kind, good intention side of Missy.

Having always adored the work of Lauren Lapkus, in particular series, Orange is the New Black or Crashing, even in Blended (2014) she hits the comedy target without trying. Her tour de force of hysteric behaviour here works playing opposite the unsuspecting straight role from Spade.

Notoriously mostly unbearable Rob Schneider, pops up in an extended indeniable cameo, when a film is produced by Adam Sandler, it’s a given.

★★ 1/2 | Shane A.Bassett

Comedy, Romance | USA, 2020 | 12 | 13th May 2020 (2020) | Netflix | Dir. Tyler Spindel | David Spade, Lauren Lapkus, Nick Swardson, Rob Schneider