7 Seeds Part 1: A Netflix Original, an honest review

TI’m not joking when I say, I have no idea what happened the entire time I watched. Spoiler Alert

There were 12 episodes and more than 12 plots throughout the season. We open with Summer B, and we see our first four plots. The world ended and this group of people are the survivors. They were specially chosen for their abilities and their prospect to survive in the new reality. We first follow Natsu a young girl who’s super clumsy and her group either teases her over it or tells her to fix it. Arashi’s whole goal is to see if his girlfriend survived. He goes on a mission, hiking through Japan to find her. And Semimaru, is just along for the ride. They have an older companion Botan, who is also their guide. They spend the first two episodes looking for food and the rest of their group members.  She informs the group about her role as guide and what their goal is in the future.

After the first episode, the plots come in hard and fast and get jumbled up from there. It felt like the writers were trying to make a very compelling show with a lot of well rounded characters, but they had to do that in 5 minutes per episode. It’s as if they put all the plots and characters into a blender to try to make a cake. It got to a point where by the 7th episode I couldn’t tell you which plot matched with which person.

In reality, there are so many different story lines that it’s hard to follow any single one to the end. We start to follow group Spring, but they end up splitting up fairly quickly. Then we follow Hana who separates from the group to try to find her boyfriend, (who we later find out is Arashi). A few of her team joins her, they end up being pretty unimportant and don’t contribute much to the show. They run into a man who has been awake for 15 years and alone for most of that time, Takihiro. He has learned to train dogs to help him survive. He meets Arashi and his party a few days before meeting Hana. Once he meets Hana however, he decides he needs to keep her safe because he has never seen someone he needs to care for as much as her.

At some point, Arashi’s team splits from the rest of Summer B and they meet team Autumn. Who instead of being run by their guide, is run by two big bullies who decided that they were going to defy the people who put them here by refusing to breed. They were going to survive until they died and they were hoping to end the human race with them.

Eventually, team Autumn has to move on because ash destroys their home. They also split because one of the girls gets pregnant and that violates the rules.

While Hana is with her small group plus Takihiro, they find team Autumn after their separation, they start to find the truth about how Hana’s father killed hundreds of people to give others chances of survival and that they all died to stop a disease from making it’s way into the future. But this disease didn’t end the world, so how is that related to the 7 seeds program?

Hana manages to find Summer A, who turn out to be people who were trained as children to survive in this climate. It is then revealed that Hana’s father is the one who locked all the people in the shelters to be released over time.

Several of the Summer A members want her dead and punished for her father’s actions. As we follow her, we see summer A member Ango, become angrier and angrier at Hana’s presence, because he deems her unworthy for the future, only here because her father was in charge, seemingly he will kill her eventually. Instead out of no where, *trigger warning*

he decides to try to rape her to punish her father. How those two things correlate is beyond me.  Little does Ango know, they are the only group of people who have skills for the apocalypse.

Eventually one of Ango’s companions, Ryo, kills Hana because he decides she is too much of a reminder of her father for Ango to survive. Ayu( another Summer A member), makes mention of there being an existance of a “reaper” a person who’s mission is to kill anyone who puts the future in jeopardy. After killing Hana, Ayu speculates that Ryo is the reaper.

For no prompted reason, we would meet a new character and the next episode would be a flashback to how they related to the “end of the world” and how they ended up being awake. Speaking of the “end of the world,” at no point does the show mention how the world ended, except during the title sequence. It shows a meteor heading towards earth but there’s no mention of that in the show.  I know it’s because those characters are not supposed to know why they woke up, but if that’s the case, why put it in the title sequence?

This show is one of the most confusing shows I have ever seen. There is no real rhyme or reason for the way the characters are introduced or how their stories are intertwined into one another. Instead of the stories weaving into a blanket, they are just running parallel. As this is just part one, part two should intertwine the plots a bit more, but as it stands, I do not hold out hope for the future to make sense.

Anime, Post-Apocalypse | Japan, 2018 | 15 | Dubbed, Subbed | Netflix | Dir.Yukio Takahashi | Nao Toyama, Jun Fukuyama, Katsuyuki Konishi,