Tim Roth, Kelvin Harrison Jr and Naimo Watts appear Luce by Julius Onah, an official selection of the U.S. Dramatic Competition at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Larkin SeipleAll photos are copyrighted and may be used by press only for the purpose of news or editorial coverage of Sundance Institute programs. Photos must be accompanied by a credit to the photographer and/or 'Courtesy of Sundance Institute.' Unauthorized use, alteration, reproduction or sale of logos and/or photos is strictly prohibited.

All Is Not What It Seems In Luce Trailer

Julius Onah‘s last film The Cloverfield Paradox may have been an absolute mess, his follow up might just be his perfect redemption. Neon Pictures has released the American Trailer for Luce, one of the much talked indies to come off this year’s film festival circuit.

Hot from the Tribeca Film Festival in New York starring Tim Roth and Naomi Watts whose adopt son (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) might be the perfect student. All Is Not What It seems.

Sometimes it’s best to know very little about some films to enjoy and appreciate the film. It seems Luce will be one of those films. No just to see how a filmmaker can go from The Cloverfield Paradox to a film oozing with critical appraise. Also for the performance Harrison Jr. and an psychological thriller that will test your mettle in what is true or not true.

It looks like this won’t be your conventional story, could it be one that may reward them with awards?

High schooler Luce (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) overcame a nightmarish past as a child soldier in Eritrea to become the definition of the All American teenager. As a valedictorian, track star, and all-around popular kid, his life seems set until he suddenly finds himself at odds with an overbearing teacher Ms. Wilson (Octavia Spencer). When his loving adoptive parents (Naomi Watts and Tim Roth) become entangled in the suspicions of this teacher, complex questions of prejudice suddenly bubble to the surface, threatening to expose the ugly truths about all involved.

The film co-stars Octavia Spencer, Brian Bradley, Andrea Bang, Norbert Leo Butz, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Noah Gaynor, Omar Brunson, and Christopher Mann.

No word on an UK/Irish distributor just yet. Luce will be released in cinemas in the U.S.A from 2nd August.