Watch Wagman Studios 2018 Movie Mashup

We are now in the final month of 2018, which means one thing 22 days of Christmas Shopping, mince pie eating and movie mashups.

We hope to bring you the usual players who bring us their annual film retrospectives, reflecting on the year that’s just about to end. Wagman Studios has sent their 2018 movie mashup, which has all the expected. This year was action packed but also character-driven films too. As you’ll watch they do love their blockbusters!

These retrospectives are not really to decide what was good or what was bad. There to remind us what has passed and hope the next things will be just as good if not better.

Jed (Wagman) who created the above video mashup sent us this description of his video…
over 40 of 2018’s best (and worst) movies. This year has seen so many great films ranging from action-packed blockbusters such as Avengers: Infinity War and Mission: Impossible- Fallout to character driven dramas such as A Star Is Born and Beautiful Boy. I wanted to show some of the best bits from the year all in one short video and hopefully, I have managed to create a video that really shows off how great a year of cinema we have had.

I’m a huge fan of films and so that led me to start making some fun mashups and edits with films. Most of my mashups are with Marvel movies as I’m a particularly big fan of the MCU but I just really enjoy making cool, fun mashups with films.