Harry Dean Stanton’s Lucky Gets UK Release Watch Trailer

September 2017, the film lost Harry Dean Stanton when he sadly died at the grand age of 91. Before his death, he had one last hurrah when he starred in John Carroll Lynch‘s directorial debut, Lucky. The film has been travelling around the Festival circuit leaving with fantastic rave reviews.

The film had already been released Stateside but no word on when the film will be released in the UK and Ireland until now. Eureka Entertainment has picked up the cinematic rights and today we get a look at the UK Theatrical Trailer

Lucky follows the spiritual journey of Harry Dean Stanton’s character ‘Lucky’, a cantankerous, self-reliant 90 year old atheist, and the quirky characters that inhabit the Arizona town where he lives. Having out-lived and out-smoked all of his contemporaries, the fiercely independent Lucky finds himself at the precipice of life, thrust into a journey of self-exploration, leading towards that which is so often unattainable: enlightenment.

Our writer Andrew McArthur watched the film at this year’s Glasgow Film Festival back in February. He described it… “Lucky stands as an assured, undeniably impressive debut from Lynch and serves as a testament to the subtle brilliance of its lead actor.”

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Some may ask who Harry Dean Stanton was. He starred in everything from Alien, Escape From New York, Red Dawn, The Godfather Part 2, Cool Hand Look, In The Heat Of The Night, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, etc…Impressive!

This film also saw a mini Alien reunion with Tom Skerritt in the cast next to David Lynch whom he worked with on Inland Empire and Ron Livingston with Ed Begley Jr.

Lucky, is at once a love letter to the life and career of Harry Dean Stanton as well as a meditation on mortality, loneliness, spirituality, and human connection, and will be released by Eureka Entertainment in cinemas nationwide (UK & Ireland) and On Demand from 14 September 2018.