Film Review: Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018)

Brilliant evolving pure cinematic action thriller addition to a series benefiting from top-notch casting and edge of your seat breathless set pieces often with the lead, modern day movie star Tom Cruise doing many of his own electrifying stunts.

The mission, in which I implore all audiences to choose to accept, follows on two years after events in previous instalment Rogue Nation (2015) we learn that although Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) halted The Syndicate, remaining criminal posse are now The Apostles, interesting in causing even grander world chaos on a nuclear level.

Due to a big decision, Ethan makes in the opening stanza, a supply of three steel balls of A-grade plutonium are now in possession with The Apostles.

Looking to get them back before detonation the team we know and love are joined by a handler (Henry Cavill) striking up an instant offense to Ethan and across various global locations they hesitantly work together but something just doesn’t seem quite right.
Referencing previous movies are importantly fine tuned for fans.

Double crosses or revelations are nothing new to a Mission Impossible film, itself based on a long-running 60s television show once revived throughout the 80s made in Australia, however the complicated story arcs here, often refer back to the history of I.M.F (Impossible Missions Force) much to the screenwriters anguish to link this current legacy.

Scintillating Rebecca Ferguson thankfully returns as Isla, a whip-smart character who could easily appear in her own spin-off however the connection with Hunt is fruitful on various levels.

Calculated breathless action is a highlight, I found clenching my jaw unavoidable in a few moments while the versatile fine hand-picked cast by producer star on fire Cruise, including newcomer Vanessa Kirby as seductive White Widow, an international dealer working nefariously, for a reason.

There are amusing quips, not too many, cinematography by Rob Hardy sets off vertigo at times, while the tremendous score from Lorne Balfe is noteworthy for heightening scales of excitement.

Director Christopher McQuarrie shoots big screen adrenaline into a terrific cinematic experience and a top-notch sequel, just not the action movie of the decade or whatever is currently being touted.

Shane A.Bassett | Movie Analyst

Action, Thriller |USA, 2018 | 12A | 25th July 2018 (UK) |Paramount Pictures | Dir.Christopher McQuarrie | Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames, Sean Harris, Angela Bassett, Alec Baldwin

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