The Cured UK Trailer, The Cure Was Only The Beginning


What if George C Romero never gave birth to the Zombie Genre, there probably wouldn’t be The Walking Dead, Dawn Of The Dead or 28 Days Later. In the Irish Zombie flick The Cured, they are not interested in the outbreak. Do they dare to ask that question if they found a cure how would we accept the once zombies back into society?

Arrow Films has released the UK Trailer which stars Ellen Page who takes in her Brother in law, who is one of ‘The Cured’. What secret does he dare not to tell her?

Throughout the decades no Zombie show or film has attempted to find the source outbreak. The Cured may have found that cure but does it without revealing anything. A zombie film with social commentary that resonates and plays on the tensions that plague the world today (i:e immigration).

Our zombies are more 28 Days Later type infected than Romero slow walkers.Once ‘cured’ they never forget those cannibalistic urges, an apocalypse with a human touch. An intriguing spin on the overstuffed genre, making it worthwhile to check out that genre.

Years after Europe was ravaged by the Maze virus, transforming people into cannibalistic monsters, a cure is finally found. Senan Browne (Sam Keeley) is haunted by what he did while infected. As he returns to the home of his brother’s widow, Abbie (Ellen Page), fear and suspicion threaten to plunge the world back into chaos.

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The Cured will get a limited UK and Irish Cinema release on 11th May, with the film available on 14th May 2018 on Digital Download and DVD. The film also stars Tom Vaughan-Lawlor and Paula Malcomson.