DVD Review – Fallen (2016)

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Fallen is a 2016 fantasy film released on DVD in the U.K. In April 2017.

Lucinda (Addison Timlin) is a young girl who is tormented by shadows and horrific nightmares, this leading to the death of one of her schoolmates. These events lead her to be sent to a reform school to get help. Little does she know, though this school has a secret and her classmates may be more tormented than her.

Fallen was a film I had heard next to nothing about, but sounded appealing so, I took it on and I am pleased to say it was great!

It did have a bit of a twilight vibe about it, which I’ll be honest might bring the quality of this film down as twilight (although first one was good) is not a film series you want a film to be compared to.

After watching this though I am confident in saying that yes this does have twilight vibes but is a much better film than that in many ways.

Fallen is a little darker and more plot was driven. Having a lot of lore tension and atmosphere that twilight did not have.

To tell you more about this film would honestly spoil it so I’m going to say go and watch this. I personally think this is a fantastic teen fantasy film and has a lot going for it. It was a little slow at first but manages to build up. I liked that we didn’t know everything right away and we’re left figuring things out for ourselves.

I think the film treats its audience very well and knows that whoever is watching is smart and can spot what’s coming. By this I mean it’s smart in its writing and story and lets the audience try and figure things out without being too typical.

I really enjoyed the film and I think it well worth a watch! Whether you see it on streaming sites or on DVD I think it’s worthy of your time.

Fallen is an excellent and refreshing teen film!

Ross Wilcock | [rating=4]

Fantasy, Adventure | USA, 2016 | 12 | 1st May 2017 (UK)| Lionsgate Home Ent.| Dir.Scott Hicks | Hermione Corfield, Addison Timlin, Joely Richardson, Jeremy Irvine |Buy:Fallen [DVD]