DVD Review – The Crying Game (1992)

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The Crying Game is a 1992 British thriller which is receiving a blu-ray release this February in the UK.

The award winning thriller follows A solider who is kidnapped by IRA terrorists. He befriends one of his captors and from there we follow their journey through sexual awakening and crime.

The Crying Game is a masterpiece of British cinema, and for its time really challenged the mainstream cinema market for its controversial nature.

It is so great seeing BFI releasing this film. I think we need to get more films like this out in the mainstream market.

I loved it, I didn’t really know much about this film going into it, but I am glad I got offered the chance to see the film and review it.

I really didn’t know what to expect from the film and I finished it thinking wow! It definitely is a film I would recommend to everyone. It is tough to watch at times and might not be to everyones taste.

I know this release will do very well and as I said I think that it is great that BFI are supporting films like this and I look forward to seeing whats next for the BFI catalogue.

I don’t relaly want to say to much about the film. That is the trouble it is the type of film that if you say to much about it you will ruin it, weather you mena to or not. All I can say is check it out and see for yourself.

The Crying Game Great film from start to finish!

[rating=5] | Ross Wilcock

Crime, Drama | UK, 1992 | 18 | 20th February 2017 (UK) | BFI DVD | Dir.Neil Jordan | Stephen Rea, Jaye Davidson, Forest Whitaker, Miranda Richardson | Buy: The Crying Game (DVD + Blu-ray)