DVD Review – Swallows And Amazons (2016)

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Swallows And Amazons is a new release from the incredible Studiocanal.

The movie tells the story of a  group of children on holiday sail off on their own to a secluded island where they meet another group of children called the Amazons leading to the Amazons and Swallows setting off on a family fun adventure that is great for the festival holiday season.

Going into this film – I had never heard of this film before, so I was excited but wanted to leave all expectations behind while I watched the film.

I am happy I did this as even though I liked the film a lot I didn’t like it as much as I hoped, although I enjoyed every moment of the film and I feel it’s a film that people should check out. It wasn’t as exciting all the way through the film there were some slow moments and moments I just didn’t feel were needed. I felt the film could have been a little shorter.

In saying all of that I ultimately loved the film as a whole and I thought it was just a wonderful and exciting film that just made me want to go back to my childhood and have all these great adventures which are why I would suggest to parents if you are looking for something to watch with your kids this Christmas period then I would certainly pick this up.

I think it is a film the entire family can and will enjoy. I have an odd thing with films where I like a film but might not be exactly in the mood for that certain kind of film. Sadly that is the case with this one as I keep mentioning I did very much enjoy the film ad felt that it’s worth buying, and I will buy it on DVD, I did feel that perhaps when I was watching it I wasn’t in this family movie kind of mood.

Despite this, I highly enjoyed this film and would say go and check it out. It’s one everyone can enjoy and I can honestly tell you right now that I will be watching this again.

Swallows And Amazons is one we can all enjoy!! Great stuff from all involved!!

[rating=4] | Ross Wilcock

Family | UK, 2016 | PG | Studiocanal UK | 12th December 2016(UK) | Dir. Philippa Lowthorpe | Kelly Macdonald, Andrew Scott, Rafe Spall, Jessica Hynes, Richard Bremmer |Buy: [DVD]