Who You Gonna Ride? Ghostbusters Gets Ecto-2 Bike


There not afraid of any ghosts and when those ghosts spook you, your gonna call them these girls will captures those spooks, but how will they get there? On a bike! Ghostbusters is coming this summer and Sony have been keeping the marketing close to their chest, but with the first trailer coming soon, tonight we get another little tease.

If you live in Boston, Massachusetts  you may have seen this bike aka Ecto-2 speed around the city streets might have not realised what is for unless you where eagle-eyed. Designed and created by Madhouse Motors  which has been designed and pimped pays homage to the original films. The classic logo is on the helmet as well as the bike which shows Paul Feig keeping in line.

There’s nothing truly special about this bike nor does it tease any of the plot , what we can see its had a few modifications. The back looks like it has a proton pack which could mean the smaller jobs one buster could deal with but what’s that on front? It looks like some type of laser  possibly connected to the pack on the back, however a certain popular Danish toy brick company might have spoiled things.In recent promotion Lego  did for the film they did reveal Chris Hemsworth‘s character will ride the bike in a red costume.

[update – 14th February 2016]
Whilst we don’t believe in teasers of upcoming teaser trailers tonight Sony Pictures have unveiled a teaser of the upcoming trailer. Whilst many teasers of those soon to arrive full versions are usually  useless but as we’ve not seen much from this film we can let this one off. The one thing we can finally say  it’s certainly coming this summer and what we can see it’s showcasing the action but with 4 funny women making up the team we know there will be laughs. Usually this means a trailer is only days away but sadly we have to wait until 3rd or 4th March to see the full version.

Ghostbusters is due out 15th July, Starring Melissa McCarthy,Kate McKinnon,Kristen Wiig ,Leslie Jones ,Andy Garcia, Michael Kenneth Williams, Matt Walsh, and Cecily Strong.

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